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Unauthorized Database Mining Policy


Protecting Our Users

While realizes the importance of being able to search the database for resumes, it is imperative that we protect our job seekers from unsolicited contacts including phone calls, mail and e-mail, that are unrelated to the job search nature of our website. This is a very sensitive issue for our job seekers as they have identified "SPAM" (defined as completely unfocused or inappropriate job offers) as their #1 complaint. Our ability to remain a meaningful website to both job seekers and companies requires that we remain diligent in ensuring the needs of both parties are met - and not abused.

In order to protect our job seekers and registered customers as well as the integrity of the website, maintains a stringent policy prohibiting unauthorized database mining.

Policy Prohibiting Unauthorized Data Base Mining

The Policy Against Unauthorized Data Base Mining is as follows:

  • Companies may not inquire on more than 50 resumes per day. This is a daily limit and, as such, if a company does not use all 50 inquires in one day, the "remaining" inquiries may not be carried over to the following day.
  • Any inquiries conducted must be on a qualified keyword search basis with keywords related only to your industry. Any inquiries performed to resumes that do not have industry related keywords are prohibited. Such inquiries will be flagged as unsolicited contacts and will be in violation of the Policy Against Unauthorized Data Base Mining.
  • exercises a zero tolerance policy to unauthorized communications to members of our applicant database. Any company found in violation of the Policy Against Unauthorized Data Base Mining will be immediately denied access to the Website.
  • Additionally, any company denied access to the Website for violating this policy will do so at a forfeiture of payments made to

Additional Policies

View our Acceptable Use Policy.'s mission is to help job seekers find real, local, jobs in Rhode Island and reach their career goals.

With, job seekers can conveniently search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. Users can also browse jobs by category and/or city. All employment opportunities are conveniently organized to facilitate the search of jobs - including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, as well as seasonal and volunteer work. Job seekers can save their custom search preferences, and even choose to receive automated Job Alert emails on a daily or weekly basis. is Rhode Island's number one resource for job seekers and employers, offering insightful advice and articles through our award-winning newsletters and social media channels. is actively involved in the communities we serve, partnering with local chambers of commerce, sports teams, trade associations and career centers, and attending local career fairs and business-to-business events. How Rhode Island Gets to Work.