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Program Coordinator

Jammat Housing & Community Development Corporation | Providence, RI

Jammat Housing & Community Development Corporation
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Job Description: The Program Coordinator will be expected to advance the mission, values and philosophy of Turning The Corner Group Homes, (TTC), in providing a quality, community-based residential care programs to address the needs of adolescents, community members and their family.  Turning The Corner is committed to developing the moral, social, physical, intellectual and educational improvement of youth that are in our care.

Duties: The primary job responsibilities for carrying out the day-to-day operation of the facility, including the efficient and effective operation of all behavioral and daily living skill components of the program during their shifts. Program Coordinators must possess excellent communication and organizational skills, be a team player, while enthusiastic, reliable, flexible and creative. Knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, racial and socioeconomic issues are necessary.  Program Coordinators must possess a current driver’s license and be able to pass state, licensing background standards, be able to receive CPR and Handle With Care ™ certifications.

Additional duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Oversee the disbursement of medication and ensure accurate written records are maintained regarding medication.
  • Execute the daily program schedule is followed consistently and effectively.
  • Provide regular documented supervision to Residential Counselors to ensure the understanding and ability to adhere to program policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate all Residential Counselors activities
  • Develop and post with resident input a monthly recreation schedule, monthly meal menu, weekly shopping list, chore list and assignments.
  • Whenever possible participate in the development of treatment plans and the comprehensive services provide to each and every resident at their house.
  • Conduct weekly scheduled meetings of residential staff to assure consistency and continuity of training and treatment.
  • During work shifts ensure proper written records and reporting procedures adherence including incident reports, log book, passes and etc.
  • Oversee the general maintenance and upkeep of the house, ensuring the house is clean, safe and inspection ready at all times.
  • Monitor the physical condition of the residents and their environment ensuring it is supportive of healthy and safe for each resident.
  • Monitor weekly expenses and receipts to ensure adherence to the weekly budgets
  • Will provide emergency coverage when necessary to ensure the proper supervision and safety of clients.

Program Coordinators must provide both individual supervision and group supervision, bringing the team together. Coordinators, do not have office only jobs, they are expected to be available for their staff. Program Coordinators are responsible for developing and maintaining open lines of communication between, staff, clinicians and directors.

Program Coordinators must be able to train staff in the basic program policies and procedures. They must be familiar with the residential handbook, the employee manual, and administrative forms and the program manual. While the agency provides training in Handle With Care ®, and CPR/First Aide ®, the Coordinator is often responsible for the initial training and retraining, when necessary. For this reason, the Program Coordinator must be well versed in the agency’s behavior management procedures, crisis intervention procedure and the resident management procedures.

Program Coordinators must execute agency policies and procedures while being supportive for their staff at the same time. Coordinators must be able to advocate for staff while understanding and supporting agency’s rationale for certain initiatives. Effective Program Coordinators will understand the differing perspective of the agency and establish common ground among all staff for the good of the clients.

Program Coordinators must maintain proper ratios, while being mindful of what staff work well together, and the current residential atmosphere in the milieu. Program Coordinators should advocate for staff, when appropriate accommodate schedule changes and to be available in the milieu to cover shifts as needed.

Posted On: 2018-10-10 11:46:31
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Telecommute: No
Categories: Social Services
Job Type: Regular
Job Status: Full Time
Minimum Degree: Associate Degree
Pay Type: Annual Salary
Salary: $30,000 - $35,000
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